7 Benefits of Exercising Early

Starting the day right is hugely important. It sets us up for a successful day, or not. A workout at any time of day is a good thing, have a think about these reasons why exercising first thing in the morning is a great idea.


1. It's Done

It's less likely that you'll have last minute changes to your plans early in the morning, if you're up and at the gym before everyone else wakes up, they can't change your plans for the afternoon. It's much easier for your plans to change and your evening gym session to be moved or cancelled. Get up early, workout done, then focus on the day ahead.


2. Increased Energy

It may sound counterintuitive, going to the gym first thing can make you feel more energetic throughout the day. Exercise increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients travelling around your body, leading to increased energy levels. Although you might not feel like it after leg day.


3. Fewer Distractions

We often have more control of what we're doing first thing in the morning. Fewer texts and calls. Fewer emails that need something sent ASAP. Our time in the morning is often the best 'me' time of the day, let's put it to good use.


4. Less Risk of 'Cheating'

We've always found breakfast an easy meal to stick with healthy options, especially if you've got a breakfast like overnight oats ready the night before. An evening gym session makes it much easier to 'cheat'. That pizza feels less guilty if you've just burned 600 calories at the gym.


5. Better Mood

Why wait to see if the day puts you in a good or a bad mood? Own it and set yourself up for a good mood all day. Exercise leads to an increased release of endorphins, chemicals that interact with receptors in your brain leading to a better mood and sense of well-being. 


6. Less Busy

A 7am spin class is likely to be fully booked, particularly if social distancing is still in place. The gym floor is often less busy early in the morning than the evening. You're likely to spend less time waiting for equipment to be available and get your workout done in less time. I've always found the morning gym buzz a great atmosphere, everyone has made an effort to get there early.


7. Better Sleep

If you're anything like us, workouts in the evening, or coffee, are a no go. We're awake for hours after an evening workout. Being able to switch off earlier makes it easier to get to sleep at the right time, and have a better night's sleep. A better night's sleep means better recovery, and less chance of a tired and moody start tomorrow.

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