Gym Bag Essentials

To be honest, we're not that picky about what goes in our gym bag, and we like trying new gear. Here's a list of our essentials, and some not-so essentials.

The Essentials:

  1. Gym Bag
    A backpack or holdall with enough space for your gear. We'd go for one with a padded laptop/tablet pocket.

  2. Padlock
    Not all gyms have digital locks on the lockers so don’t forget a padlock. We’d go for a combination lock so you don’t have to take a key on the gym floor.

  3. Gym Clothes
    Comfortable underwear, sweat-wicking socks, shorts and t-shirt. And not too baggy.

  4. Trainers
    Think about what you're going to be doing at the gym... Running trainers are not good for squats or deadlifts, they are too squidgy.
    A good pair of cross-training shoes are a good starting point.
    If you want to go more specialised, weight-lifting shoes are great for squats, and Converse or Vans for deadlifts.

  5. Gym Towel
    Most gyms have cleaning wipes or spray to wipe equipment when you're done, it's still good to have a towel handy, Especially if you sweat buckets like us.

  6. Re-useable Water Bottle
    If you drink like we do, 4-6 litres of bottled water every day get's expensive. And don't get us started on all the plastic. Get a good size water bottle, save money and help the environment. Our go to is the Alpha Bottle XL or XXL.

  7. Headphones
    Create a gym playlist, headphones in, and go for it.

  8. Shower Towel
    Only a must if you shower at the gym, but then it is a must.

  9. Shower Slides/Flip-Flops
    Even a clean floor can have germs and bacteria.

  10. Toiletries
    We like to keep stocked up... Shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, cleansing wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, fragrance, hand cream, plasters, pain killers.

  11. Change of Clothes
    If you're going to shower you aren't going to put sweaty gym clothes back on.

  12. Workout Journal
    What can we say... it's what we do! Planning and tracking your goals and workouts is a sure fire way to make progress.
    Check out our printed notebooks or print at home journals HERE.

Some Non-Essentials:

  1. Weightlifting Shoes
    If you’re lifting heavy or struggle with ankle mobility, a pair of weightlifting shoes could be a good investment. They have a solid and stable sole and usually a decent heel to toe drop to help with mobility. The new Nike Savaleos are mid-range price wise and are working great for us.

  2. Chalk
    Not all gyms allow it, especially commercial gyms, but if you're going for some big lifts it can stop sweat being a weak point of your grip.

  3. Lifting Belt
    If you’re going heavy and need extra support, get a belt! But remember that it’s not a substitute for core stability, it’s an aid.

  4. Resistance Band
    Great for warming up and assisting with certain movements. If you’re struggling with pull ups a resistance band will help get you started until you’re ready for unassisted pull ups. They come in different levels of resistance so you can start with heavy band and reduce it over time.

  5. Fat Gripz
    Great for improving grip and building forearm strength.

  6. Sleeves & Straps
    Knee sleeves and elbow sleeves do help, most of what we’ve seen suggests they can add 5% to what you can lift. They’re also great for keeping your joints warm, particularly if you’re having long rests between sets.
    Lifting straps help when your grip is weak, but don’t rely on them. If you always use straps you’re grip improve at the same rate as everything else. We always start training without straps, if grip becomes an issue, we push a bit further, then get the straps out.

  7. Massage Ball / Foam Roller
    We don't talk about warming up, cooling down, or mobility enough. A massage ball or foam roller are great tools to make sure you're in tip top condition. A tennis ball or lacrosse ball are great alternatives, and much cheaper.

  8. Powerbank / Charger
    Just incase your phone dies.

  9. Odour balls
    Great for keeping trainers and your bag smelling fresh.


Is there anything you think we’ve missed? Comment below.

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